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  The reason for the increase in belly fat is the indigestion of the food eaten and the decrease in your digestive capacity.
belly fat

   If there is undigested food in our body, it is converted into fat and the disposal of that fat is done on our stomach for the first time and hence the stomach starts growing.

  We start a diet plan to lose belly fat. If you start any diet plan, you will lose weight temporarily. There will be temporary fat loss but no diet plan can keep you going for long because it is your human nature.

What causes of belly fat in females?

 Mamie Belly Fat :

  Women often have an enlarged abdomen after giving birth.  The lower part of the abdomen looks enlarged. To reduce it, you should massage the abdomen, swim and exercise daily.

Could alcohol consumption be the reason behind the increase in belly fat?

Ans- Yes, Alcohol is also the cause of belly fat. Alcohol consumption is also the cause of belly fat. In addition to beer wine, alcoholic beverages also increase belly fat as they all contain a lots of calories.


     It is common to find stress in today's fast-paced and conflicted life.  This tension raises your blood pressure, and as your blood pressure rises, your body releases a hormone called cortisol.  Increased cortisol increases the chances of gaining belly fat.

Hormonal Belly.

    An unbalanced amount of hormones can also lead to an increase in belly fat.for ex.
After childbirth, estrogen levels in women are low, so excess fat accumulates around the abdomen.


  As your age increases, the DHA hormone starts decreasing in the body, causing obesity.  Your metabolic rate also decreases with increasing age.  The food eaten does not get digested properly and resulted belly fat increases.

Bloated belly:

    Due to impaired digestion, the food eaten is not digested and therefore fat accumulates in the stomach.
  Indigestion can be due to unbalanced diet, lack of fiber rich fruits and vegetables in the diet, unhealthy meals.
This can cause unnecessary fat to build up in the stomach.

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Which food causes belly fat?

 High sodium food .
 Fast foods.
 Soft drinks


 French fries
 Food that causes bloating
 Suger free products.

Which Home remedies can reduce belly fat?

Ajwaine water: (also called as Ajowan, bishop's weed)

 How to make it?
1) Take a cup of water before going to bed at night.
2) Add half a teaspoon of ajwaine.
3) When you wake up in the morning, drink it on an empty stomach.

  Drinking this will get rid of stomach gas.  The food will digest quickly.  It will help to reduce belly fat quickly.

Coriander seeds and cumin water:

How to make ?
1) Take a glass of hot water.
2) add 1/4 teaspoon of coriander seed powder and 1/4  teaspoon of cumin seed powder in it.
3) mix it well and keep asided Over night.
4) In the morning, boil it until it is half a glass of water.
5) Then drink that water slowly.

Hot lemon water:

Drinking this water on an empty stomach in the morning cures stomach ailments and reduces belly fat quickly.

How to make ?

1) Take a glass of warm water. Mix 2 teaspoonfull juice of lemon in it.  And drink a sip slowly.

 If you drink this lemon water every morning on an empty stomach, you will soon feel the difference.

 Cinnamon +honey:

 Eating a small piece of cinnamon and honey together helps to reduce the accumulated fat in the stomach quickly.

Yoga for belly fat loss:

Do the following yoga with the advice of a doctor.

 Doing the following yoga routine every morning will help in reducing belly fat.


  1) First, place the paws and knees on the ground.
2)Inhale and lift the buttocks and pull the abdomen down.

3) Stay in this position for some time and return to normal.
4) While doing this, both arms and both knees should be in a straight line.

Benefits of Bitalisana.
    Spine becomes elastic and belly fat is reduced.


   1)First lie on the back.
2)Place both hands on the side of the body.

3)Now lift both the legs and move them towards the head. The toes will touch the ground. Support the back with both the hands.
4)Stay in position for a while and return to normal.

 Benefits of Halasan.

 1)This posture makes the thyroid gland work properly.
2)The spine becomes flexible.
3)Lower abdominal fat.

Chakki Chalanasana.

   When doing this asana,

1)first sit down and spread both legs away from each other.

2) Keep a distance of two to three feet between the two legs.

3) Now keep both hands in a straight line of the shoulders.

4)Take a deep breath, bend forward a little and turn clockwise.

5)Do this exercise by doing five to ten rounds at the beginning, then stop and rotate counterclockwise.

 Benefits of Chakkichalanasana.

  1)Reduces stress.
2)Reduces belly and spinal fat.
3)Spinal cord becomes flexible.

 *Notice.  This should not be done by pregnant women, people with back pain and people with high BP.


 1)While doing this asana, first lie on your stomach.
2)Keep both hands close to your body.

3)Bend your legs from your knees and lift them up.
4)Now hold both your ankles with both hands. Inhale and lift your chest off the ground.

5)Bring both legs close to the waist. Exhale slowly and return to normal.

Benefits of Dhanurasana:

1)The spine becomes flexible.
2)Helps to reduce belly fat.

*Special instructions. Pregnant women or people who have high blood pressure, shoulder or neck pain should not do this asana.


While doing this asana,

1)keep your knees and palms on the ground.
2)Exhale, lift your chin to your chest and buttocks upwards and bend your back.

3)Stay in this position for three to four minutes and return to the previous position.

The benefits of margariasana:

  1)Reduces belly fat. 
2)The spine becomes flexible.
3)Improves digestion.


 1) Keep a distance of two to three feet between both the legs.

2) With both hands at shoulder level, lift one hand in the air and touch the ground with the other hand.

3)Exhale as you bring your hands to the ground and inhale while raising your hands.

4)Return to the previous position and do the same action on the other side.

The benefits of Trikonasana.

1) The body becomes strong and flexible, 2)eliminates obesity and improves digestion.

*Special instructions.
1)People who have back pain and neck pain should not do this asana.

Which Exercise Reduce belly fat ?

Cardio exercise to reduce belly fat:

Will Running burn belly fat?

  Running every morning exercises all the organs of the body, especially the abdomen.

 Running burns a lot of calories. People who are not able to do other types of exercise should run for at least 30 minutes in the morning. Running helps to reduce belly fat.


   Swimming at least three or four times a week helps in weight control. Swimming is a form of exercise that moves all the body. Swimming helps in slimming the body.


   Cycling puts stress on the abdomen as well as the legs. Helps to reduce the abdomen. Improves your metabolism and keeps the weight under control.

 Exercise to reduce belly fat..


  1)Lie on your back on the ground first.
2)Fold your feet from the knees to the ground.

3)Fold both hands under the neck.

4)Now inhale and lift the neck and back upwards. Exhale and return to the previous position.

  Do ten crunches like this at the beginning. Then gradually increase the number.

Vertical crunches.

  1)Lie on your back on the ground.
2)Put both your hands under your neck and keep your feet up.

3)Then inhale and lift your neck towards your feet and exhale and return to your normal position.

Cycling exercise.

1) Lie on your back on the ground.
2)Take both hands under your neck. Fold your legs at your knees and move them as if you were riding a bicycle.

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 How to reduce belly fat without exercise?

The first thing to do is to completely eliminate sugar from your diet, then whether you have diabetes or not, you should completely stop eating sugar. You can eat jaggery instead of sugar.

Sugar has the lowest nutrition because the process of making sugar destroys the vitamins and minerals in it.

So all that's left is chemicals, so stop eating sugar..

Stop eating processed foods. Eating outside foods can cause artificial pigments, artificial flavors, synthetic chemicals to enter your body, which can lead to poor digestion, calcium depletion and improper production of fat.

 Include fiber in the diet. Fiber helps a lot in digestion so include fiber in your daily diet.

 Some people eat only fibrous foods i.e. only salads but this is completely wrong. The body needs to get all the right amount of food.

Because of the fiber in the diet, food is digested faster and no fat is formed in the stomach.

 Include cereals in the diet. People who have hypothyroidism or who have stomach problems should eat boiled vegetables. Drink beet root juice.

  Eat fresh fruit.  Fruits contain natural sugars, so the body's need for sugar is met through fruits.So there is no need to eat extra sugar.

Do not drink water before or after meals. Because, your body has digestive juices before meals.

 In fact, digestive juices make you feel hungry. These digestive juices are essential for digestion of the food you eat.

  These digestive juices are essential for digestion of food components such as saliva digests carbohydrates in the mouth.

  Gastric juice is produced in the stomach, pancreatic juice in the pancreas, bile juice in the gallbladder and these are concentrated in form.

If you drink water before a meal, the digestive Juices will be diluted. As a result, digestion of food will not be done properly.

If food is not digested properly, it is converted into fat and it accumulates as fat in the stomach.

 The bottom line:

Have a little control over eating. Avoid irregular meals.  Don't eat oily foods.

  Do cardio exercises every day.  Decide with your own mind,I want to lose my belly fat, and I'm willing to do anything for it.

You can do all of the above.  Of course you can.

 Stay healthy..!

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