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Writter: vaibhav ghogale

 Yogasanas are seen as a way to lose weight along with peace of mind. We do yoga to refresh and energize the mind along with the body.

 Regularly do the following yoga postures for weight loss. Try to stay in this asana position for as long as possible.

  It doesn't matter if you don't get up properly at the beginning, it will be possible to do asanas with proper practice.

 Starting doing yoga will be a step towards losing weight.

Downword facing dog (Adhomukh shwanasana)


Lying on the abdomen first.

  Now lift the whole body from the ground by loading the whole body on the lower arms and toes.

  Now bring the head towards the feet and lean on the ground.

   Keep the back straight.  Keep breathing slowly. Exhale. Leave the seat the way it should have been.
  If this asana is done regularly, there is ample blood supply to the heart.

Tringle (Trikonasana)


   Keep a distance of two feet between both the legs.

  Raise the right hand in the air and touch the left foot with the left hand.

  While doing this action, you want to bend the side of the hand without bending forward or backward.

  Stay in this position for a few seconds and return to the previous position.

Warrior II


Take a distance of three to four feet between the legs.

  Now turn the right leg 90 degrees outwards and the left leg 15 degrees.

 Now bring both hands in a straight line of shoulder parallel to the ground.

  Bend the right leg at the knee. Note that your knee and ankle should be in a straight line.

  Bend the left leg slightly below the knee as you move forward.

 Keep breathing.

  Then slowly lower your arms and leave the asanas.

Do asanas on the other side in the same way.

  While doing asanas on the other side, turn the left foot 90 degrees to the outside and 15 degrees to the right foot. Do the asana.

Warrior III.


  Stand up straight first.

 Turn the right leg 90 degrees outwards.
Slowly place your body weight on the right foot. Release the left leg slowly.

  Lift the left leg up in the air and place all the weight on the right leg.

Focus so that you can do this pose.
 Lean on the right leg and place all the weight on the right leg.

 Keep the left leg straight behind the spine. Extend both arms forward.
 Stay in this pose for as long as you can and slowly return to normal.



  First sleep straight on your back.

 Bend both legs from the knees and lift them towards the head, and bring them back to the top of the head.

  Now bend the legs from the knees and support the waist with both hands and raise the legs straight towards the sky.

  Stay in these asanas to the best of your ability, keeping your breathing normal.

Setu bandh sarvangasana.

Setu bandh sarvangasana

  First lie on your back. Bend your legs from your knees and stick your thighs.

 Keep both hands straight on the ground around your body.
  Now slowly lift your waist up and place all the load on your upper back.

 Now wait as long as possible in this position and return to the previous position.

Take special care of this  while losing weight.

Twister chair.

Twisted chair

First stand up straight. Keep both legs aligned.

 Sit in the air in a position where the legs are bent at the knees.
 Now bend your upper body from the waist up, your full weight should be on the feet.

 Your shoulders and knees should be in a straight line.Now place the elbow of the left hand on the outside of the right knee, and now join both the palms.

 Stay in this position for some time and then come back.



  First lie on the stomach.
  Keep both hands close to the body, bend the legs at the knees and lift up.

  Hold the ankles of both the legs with both hands and lift the chest from the ground while breathing.

 Bring both legs closer together and slowly exhale to return to the previous position.

This asanas also helpful in reducing belly fat.


plank www.keephealthy.in

  To do this asana, you have to pose on the forearm and toes as shown in the picture.

  In this, your shoulders should be straight above your elbows.
 The backbone should be straight.Lift the knees and place all the weight on the toes.

  In this posture, your body should be in a straight line from head to toe.

  Stay in this position for 2 minutes. It brings flexibility to the spine. It makes the body strong.

Surya Namaskar.(Sun salutation)


 Surya Namaskar is one of the 12 consecutive actions.
Doing sun salutations one after the other reduces stiffness in the body and gives elasticity to the body.

Sun salutation removes laziness from the body and makes you feel refreshed.
 Sun salutation helps in increasing height and sun salutation helps in weight control.

It Improves the function of the respiratory system, digestive system and nervous system.

 The pronunciation of omkara and alphabet stimulates the nerve center in the brain and keeps the mind happy and concentrated.

The bottom line

You know, weight loss requires a healthy lifestyle, a balanced, nutritious diet.

  We should look at yogasanas as an aspect of living a healthy life.
 Arrange the above asanas every morning. With practice everything is achieved.

Learn how to follow a diet plan to lose weight.

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