How to cure mouth ulcers fast naturally:mouth ulcer

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Mouth ulcer: canker sores

How to cure mouth ulcer naturally

   Mouth ulcers are also called canker sores.These are usually red in colour with yallowish edge blisters occurs in mouth.
   The lining of the skin in your mouth is called the mucous membrane.When this mucous membrane is injured, a slightly swollen, damaged part appears. It is called a mouth ulcer.
   While it is not very painful at other times, it is extremely painful when eaten, drunk, or comes in contact with sour or spicy foods.
  Ulcers can affect people of any age.  Although ulcers are not fatal, they can be a symptom of many diseases.
   Mouth ulcers usually last for one to two weeks.  No special treatment is required for mouth ulcers but if the ulcer is getting worse, it is necessary to seek medical advice.Mouth ulcers can occur anywhere in the mouth.  For example, the back of the lips, the side of the tongue on the inside of the cheek, can get into the throat.If the ulcer is in the throat, it is very difficult to swallow the food. 
canker sores

What causes or what triggers mouth ulcers?

- Accidentally biting the skin of the tongue or cheek while eating.

- Injuries during dental work.

- If you are allergic to any specific acidic fruits like lemon, pineapple etc.

- If the body is deficient in vitamins such as zinc, folate, iron vitamin B12.

-If teeth are not cleaned.

-If an allergic reaction is caused by bacteria in the mouth.

- Insufficient sleep

- fungal infection

- stress.

- Using toothpaste which contain sodium lauryl sulphate.

Wht are the symptoms of mouth ulcer?

1] Major: These canker sores are large oval and deep.  It can be very takes 2 to 3 weaks to heal.

2] minor : These canker sores have small round yellowish edges.  Although it is not very painful, contact with sour and spicy foods can cause pain.

3] Herpetiform: These are found in the form of clusters.  It has small pointable 10 - 5O canker takes 2 to 3 weaks to heal.

In addition, there are still some symptoms of mouth ulcers like -

-- Reddish stripes appear on the tongue, back of the lips or on the inside of the cheeks.
-- The food tastes very spicy while eating
-- Feels like a thorn in the side of the tongue.

How to diagnose mouth ulcer?

No expensive test is required to diagnose mouth ulcers. Doctors can identify it by visual exam.

Having a regular mouth ulcer may be a symptom of a major illness.  such as 
- Heat flares
- diabetes mellitus

There is usually no need to go to the doctor if there is a mouth ulcer but it is necessary to consult a doctor if the following symptoms appear.

1] If the ulcer spreads in the mouth.
2] If the ulcer is growing in size.
3] If the ulcer does not subside even after 2 weeks.
4] If there is bleeding from the ulcer.
ulcer on tongue

Natural way to treat mouth ulcer: 

Let's see How to cure mouth ulcer -

1] chewing of few basil leaves after meal.This prevent the formation of mouth ulcer.
2] Eating bananas helps in curing ulcers.
3] Applying glycerin on the ulcer gives relief and the ulcer heals faster.
4] Take one to two drops of milk, add a pinch of turmeric and apply the paste on the ulcer.  It will be slightly irritating but will help the ulcer to heal.  Turmeric has antiinflammatory and antifungal properties so ulcers heal quickly.
5]Take vitamin B complex tablets.
6] Include vitamin B12 in the diet.
7] Use mouth rinses that containing the steroid dexamethasone for sever canker sore. Your dr.may be prescribe this to relive pain and reduce inflamation.
8] take nutritional supliments like B-complex, folic acid, zink tablet.
9]Rinse with salt water
10] Eat dried coconut as it contains antiinflammatory properties.  It provides relief from pain.
11] Apply ice to the ulcer.
12]Apply honey on ulcers. Honey has anti inflammatory properties.
13] Drink beet juice.

Tips to prevent mouth ulcers

Don't eat foods with allergies.  Eat a balanced diet so that the body gets the perfect nutrients.  Eat green leafy fruits.  And most importantly, don't talk while eating, as this can lead to accidental tongue bites.Don't eat foods with allergies. Don't eat foods with allergies.  Keep oral hygiene.  Brush after dinner.And get enough sleep at night.  Stay away from stress.

       -: Stay healthy and stay happy :-

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