Beet juice:Benifits and side effects

Beetroot juice:

Health benefits of beet juice

  Beet root contains many essential micronutrients such as iron,nitrate,potassium,vitamin B,folate,magnessium and copper.
 Lets see health benefits of red beet juice.

 Health benefits of beetroot juice:

   Red beetroot juice contains many essential nutrients and minerals so there is huge benefits.

1.Reduce blood pressure:
    Beet root contain nitrate which can lower the blood pressure.Nitrate increses the nitric oxide found in the blood vessels which allows more oxygen  to flow and provide rich supply of oxygen to various body parts.which result in lowering the blood pressure.

2.Benefits of bertroot for skin.
      Beetroot act as a blood purifier which is keeping your skin healthy and glowing because,beetroot contain vitamin C which helps in reduce hyperpigmentation and giving it natural glow.

3.Helps in detoxyfication:
    Detoxyfication is the one of the main function of liver. Beetroot juice is powerfull detox drink which stimmulates liver cell to keep it remove harmfull toxins.

4.Boost energy and stamina:
     Beetroot juice increses the oxygen level of the blood circulation of body which ptovide energy of the various muscles of the body result in it increses your stamina and endurance

5.Boost brain function:
    Beet is also called as brain food that can reduces the effects of various diseses like dementia.Drinking beetroot juice increses oxygen supply to the brain this can increses brain power.

6.It improves sexual health:
      Beet contain "boron" which has direct link to the sex hormone production.Nitric acid in beetroot increses blood circulation level which improve your sexual health.

7.prevent cancer:
      Research shows that beetroot juice has antitumor power.which prevents unwanted growth of cells.

8.Improve digestion:
      Like coconut, cucumber beet root also contains fibers which helpfull in digestion.

9.Antiaging properties: 
    By applying beet root juice on face  in once a weak helps in  reduces wrinkles and  black marks of pimples. And provide natural glowing skin.

10.Hairfall controll:
        Potassium is major mineral responsible for good hair health. Beetroot contains huge ammount of potassium. Which is helpfull in keeping hair healthy and shining.

         Beetroot contain an antioxidant called  Alfa-lipoic acid Which helpfull to diabetis patients. This alfa-lipoic acid  reduces the  glucose level and increses insulin level of blood.

 Side effects of beetroot juice:

Where there are advantages to a substance, there are also disadvantages.

*kidney disorders: Avoid beet if you suffer from kidney disorders.
Because beetroot contain 'oxalates' which can form small crystals and contribute to developing  kidney stone.

*You may have to watch how much beet juice you drink.
 Because,beetroot juice has been known to reduce calcium levels in the body.

*Drinking concentrated (100%pure) beetroot juice is not recommonded as it can bloating and indigestion.

How to prepare beetroot juice?

  You can make beetroot juice by this  simple method.

1.take a beetroot and wash them properly.
2.peel the beet.
3.cut into small pieces.
4.add this snal pieces into mixer jar and  add a small halp cup of water.
4.grind it.and strain it.and this filter u can drink as a beetroot juice.
beet juice


            Beet contain many essential micronutrients, minerals and vitamin

Beet juice  has many benifits such as skin,brain,sexual power,energy hair loss etc..

We see side effects of beet root.

We see proper easy way to make beet root juice.

Live healthy and fit !

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