Vitamins and suppliments

What are vitamins ?

Vitamins and suppliments
Vitamins definition:
    "Vitamins can be defined as, the naturally occuring acessory food factors or substance needed for the normal growth,cell function and development of the body".

  Your body needs a certain amount of vitamins every day.  The need for these vitamins is met in our daily diet.Your body needs all the vitamins. If the body is deficient in vitamins, then you get diseases related to it.
  We will see later what amount of vitamins our body needs every day but now we will learn a little bit about vitamins.

Types of vitamins:

        Vitamins are classifies into  to main categaries: 1) fat soluble vitamins
                     2) water soluble vitamins

As the name implies, fat soluble vitamins are soluble in fat.  Water soluble vitamins are soluble in water.

Fat soluble vitamins 

    Fat soluble vitamins are soluble in body fat. They are mainly vit.A, vit.D, vit E,vit K. 

In Detail:

             1) vitamin A

  Vitamin A is also called as Antixeropthalmic factore.  The daily requirement of these vitamins is 700 to 900 mcgm/day.

Foods with vitamin A: carrots, potato,leafy vegitables,papya etc..liver,eggs,fish liver oil,meat,butter these are the source of vitamin A.

   Deficiency diseses: Vitamin A deficiency can lead to diseases like xeropthalmia, night blindness, keratomelcia.

    2) Vitamin D:

                  scientific name of vitamin D: calciferol. The daily requirment of this vitamin is 10mlgm/day.

Foods with vitamin D: Milk,Eggyolk, Fatty fish, cod liver oil , tofu, cereals, and oat meal..
     And the biggest source of free vitamin D is the morning sun.

Deficiency diseses:  Deficiency of these vitamin cause rickets.
( During the period of skelatal growth the deficiency of vit.D causes rickets.In this disease cells do nayt generate and end of the bone becomes soft and bulky.)

     3) Vitamin E:

                          Vitamin E is also called as Tocopherol. Daily requirnment of  vitamin E is 20 to 30 IU (international units.)
  Vitamin E is also benificial for skin.

   Source of vitamin E: source of vitamin E is perticularly Wheat gram oil, cotton seed oil and corn oil.

Deficiency of vitamin E :  
    1) Due to deficiency of vitamin D leads to increased susceptability of RBC  to hemolysis by hydrogen peroxide.
2) decreases life span of RBC in human adult male.
3) Anemia, skin changes.
4) Incresed oxygen consumption by skeletal muscles.
5) Neurological disorders.

Vitamin E suppliment: Evion 400

     4) Vitamin K:

       Vitamin K is also called as Antihaemorrhagic factore..Its daily dietary requirment is 90-120 mcgm/day.

foods with Vitamin K : leafy vegetables like spinach, Cabbage ,cauliflower, tomatoand wheat grains etc.

Deficiency of Vitamin K: 1)Lowering of prothrombin level.
2)  Increased clotting time of blood.
3)Haemorrhgic condition.

This is the end of fat soluble vitamins.

   Water-soluble Vitamins 

  Water soluble vitamins are slouble in water.   Vit B and Vit C are water soluble vitamins.

Vitamin B : 

      Vitamin B is found in the group. This is also called B-complex. B complex vitamins contain 8 types of vitamins. Names of these vitamins are.

1)vitamin B1 (Thiamin)

2)vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

3)vitaminB3 (niacine)

4)vitamin B5 (pentathenic acid)

5) vitamin B6 ( Pyridoxine)

6) vitamin B7 (Biotin)

7)vitamin B9 (Folic acid)

8)vitamin B12 (cynocobalmine)

  If the source of all these vitamins goes to tell their deficiency symptoms, it will take a long time, so I will not say much.  If you want more information about this B comple, let me know in the comment box below.I will definitely write another article on it.

   Vitamin C : 

          Vitamin C is also called as Ascorbic acid. The daily requirment of vitamin c is 65-90 mg/day.
 Vitamin C boost your immunity.
Source of vitamin C:  Lemone, orange,sweet lemone,pineapple,mango. U can take citrus fruits thats tge bigest source of vitamin C.

Deficiency of vitamin C : Due to deficiency of vitamin C cause scurvy.

Vitamin supplements :

   All types of vitamin supplements are available in the market.
 When your body is deficient in a vitamin, doctors prescribe a vitamin supplement.
   Each of these vitamin has different tablets available in the market. Multivitamin tablets are also available in the market.  

Please do not take any tablet without consulting a doctor.

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