Faster way to fat loss

     Faster way to fat loss 

By-vaibhav ghogale.

 Nobody likes belly fat?  Staying healthy and staying fit is a big challenge in today’s life.  But the fact is that this problem is increasing day by day due to lack of knowledge and nutrition.
  I think it's important to understand what causes weight gain rather than trying to figure out how to lose weight.
  In any case, it would be easy to find a solution to the problem unless you understand the cause.

  I will tell you how to lose weight but before that I will explain how you are gaining weight.  Because as I said before, unless you understand the reason, you can't find a solution to that problem.

Why weight gain?

  This is a simple equation. Do you burn as many calories as you consume through food? Calories are used for your body's daily activities.  Now suppose you consume a thousand calories and if you burn 500 calories in that day, the remaining extra calories will be converted into fat and the resulting weight will increase.

  That is,
              calories in = calories out

90% of your weight gain depends on food.And 10% depends on the regular activity you do every day.

 So let's maintain the above equation using some very simple tips.

1. Eat slowly.  

           It takes 20 minutes for the message that your stomach is full to reach the brain when you eat.  Some people finish all their meals in 5 minutes and as a result their stomach is full and they eat too much until the signal goes to the brain.So we eat more calories when we are not in our mind.

  Scientists, while researching some women, found that 647 calories were consumed in 9 minutes during fast eating, whereas in slow eating, the same women consumed only 578 calories in 29 minutes, i.e. 20 minutes more, but they consumed 69 calories less.

 2.Use smaller plates.

    According to a research report in The Journal of Consumer Research, a 30% reduction in plate diameter can reduce food consumption by 30%.  But there are two conditions for this-
1. You should serve the meal yourself in the plate.
2. Not conscious about monitoring.  This is a very good trick that you can use to reduce your calorie intake by 30%.

3.cardio in empty stomach.

Cardio is an activity that increases the heart rate.  Such as swimming,cycling,running.

  When you wake up in the morning, your stomach is empty. If you do cardio exercises at this time, then your body needs energy, then the fat accumulated in your body from the beginning is targeted.  It burns fat and gives you energy.  This is how fat loss continues.  So do cardio on an empty stomach rather than doing yoga or weightlifting.

4.Do not drink water while eating.

  The gastric secretion that occurs in our stomach when food is digested. Drinking water reduces the density of gastric secretion so that the food is not digested properly and is absorbed in our blood.  Which increases the level of insulin in the blood and as a result the more insulin the more fat storage.

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