How to improve immune systeme

What is immune systeme?

Def: "The immune system is a system that kills the microorganisms that come into your body from outside and keeps you away from disease".


"The immune systeme is a network of cells that defends body against infection by killing foriegn particles of microbes".

A little background
   There are three main types of cells in our body - RBC (Red blood cells), WBC (white blood cells) and platlets.
   Now all these cells are present in the blood in everyone's body.  All of these cells have a certain standard.  This ratio varies between men and women.

In all of these cells, WBC kills the microorganisms that enter the body from outside, so we get protection against various diseases. 

Q.Why is the immune system important?
Ans: The amount of these white blood cells falls below the required level, then your immunity is said to be weak.  If the immunity is weak then the person gets any disease easily.
  So if you don't want to get sick, your immune system needs to be strong. That means you need a given number of white blood cells in your body.

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How to improve immune systeme?

 Exercise is a great solution.  Exercise not only makes your body stronger but also increases the number of WBCs.  Exercise flushes out toxins from your body. 

  Doing yoga exercises the whole body.  Doing regular yoga every morning boosts your immunity.

   Eating a good nutritious diet improves your immunity.  The diet should include fruits, leafy vegetables, fruits and vegetables.  Vitamin C-rich fruits should be included in your daily diet to boost your immune system.
  Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) increases the production of white blood cells and speeds up the production of antibodies in the body.

How much vitamin C does the body need every day?
You need 65-90 mg of vitamin C daily.

Which fruit are rich in vitamin C?
    (Mango contain  36.4mg/100gm of vitamin C)
    (Mango contain  36.4mg/100gm of vitamin C)
Pineapple contains 47.8mg/100gm of vitamin C.
Kiwi contains 92.7 mg/100gm of vitamin C.

4.lemon,sweet lemon,orange.

Lemon,orange contain 52 mg/100gm of vitamin C.

 5.stawberries, Raspberries,blueberries.
   Strwaberry contain 58.8mg/100gm of vitamin c
Papya contains 86.5 mg/100gm of vitamin C.

    Guava contains 228.3 mg/100gm of vitamin C.

Which vegetables are rich in Vitamin C?


Broccoli contains 108mg/100gm of vitamin C. paper,yellow paper,red paper.

Green paper contains 80.4mg/100gm , red paper contains 242.4mg/100gm and yello paper contains 183.5 mg/100gm of vitamin C .


Cauliflower contains 48.2 mg/100gm of vitamin C.


   Tomatoes contains 39.2mg/100gm.of vitamin C.

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