Acne,pimples treatment

What exactly are acne or pimples?

Hi, this is vaibhav Ghogale.

    In today's topic we will discuss about pimples or acne. So let's get started.

 What are pimples?  How do they occur?

  The skin of mainly Indians is oily.  The sebaceous glands under your skin create an oily secretion on your skin to nourish and moisturize.  This is what we call Sibam.  

   Then when these sebum and some dead cells come out, they get blocked in the pores on your skin and therefore small blisters appear on your skin, which we call acne or pimples.

Chinese theory: According to a Chinese theory, if you get pimples on your forehead, you are more stressed.
If you have acne or pimples on your cheeks or under your lips, then there is a hormonal problem.

 Remedy for acne or pimples
You can do this.

1Take 10 basil (Tulasi) leaves, 10 neem leaves, teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of turmeric. 
3. Now make a paste of all this.
4.Apply this paste on the face.  Do this three times.

 Spot treatment:

Do this before starting this treatment -

1.Take ice, wrap it in a cotton cloth and hold it over your pimples for 10 seconds.

2.Take a cotton ball, soak it in rose water and wipe your face.  This will remove excess oil from the face.

Now we will start the spot treatment.


1. Take a teaspoon of honey and add half a lemon juice.  Now mix it.

 2.Now apply this mixture with different fingers on different places where there are pimples.

3.And wash face after 20 minutes.


1.Take mint leaves and make a paste of it.
 2. Mix 2 tbsp aloe vera gel in it.

3.Apply that mixture on the pimples before going to bed at night.
 4. wash after getting up in the morning.  Pimples or acne may have disappeared

Do this things:

1.Drink plenty of water.

2.Keep your face clean whether you have pimples or not

3.If pimples occur, do not break them by hand as the bacteria in them can cause more acne and pimples.

4. Keep using face wash.  Use a face wash that does not contain paraben but should contain salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid dissolves the sebum in your face.  So there is no chance of pimples coming.

5. Avoid oily foods.

6.Avoid touching the face

7. Don't stress.

8.Quit smoking or at least reduce it.

9.Include vitamin A ,C and zinc  in your diet.

10.If all this does not make a difference, consult a dermatologist.  Before going to a dermatologist, try the remedies prescribed by me.

Try all these solutions. If it makes a difference, don't forget to say thanks in the comments section.

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