How to grow thick beard fast

                     [Garanted]  Grow your beard only within 1 month..

All men wish to a very thick, stylish and black beard. Men with beard are look handsome ,stylish and attractive. But some men can not grow  beard due to some reasons. there are many reasons behind it, there is hormonal problems, dirt on face, lack of moisture in skin, nutrition.
   If you want to grow your beard, you add this to your daily routine. There are no side effects of this routine.

1.Skin care

Use men's face wash twice in a day daily. I not  promote to any face wash compnies but the Garnier men power white is the best facewash.i also use this regularaly. This activity stimmulates hair follicles to grow.
2. Nutrition
  Nutrition is  very important fact for beard growth. U have to eat vitamin c rich fruits and vegetables. 
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) fruits: lemon, strwaberry, bell paper,  mosambi( citrus limetta)  Pineapple,etc..

 3. Water: 
    Drink more and more plenty of water this help to keep your skin moisture level.


  Sleep atlist 8 hours is very important for  your health .

5.Oil massage.

    U not need to buy a beard oil  of some oil. U just take a  1 t.spoon coconut oil  in a bowl and add it   one capsule of Evion400.  u have to add liquid part of this tablet and mix this well. massage this oil on   your chicks and  face areas in which u want to get  beard. This is  very effective method Which 100% works.

6.Beard Trimming:-

 if u  already some patchy beard   then do not cut and trim your beard. Allow to grow  it. It helps to make stronger beard stems.and it also stimulates the small hair follicles which will helps in start to grow your  new beard.

 U just surly follow this routine in daily basis.  This will  surly help u to grow your  beard. And u  surly get a thick beard

     Thank you .

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